Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I take care of my rubber boots?

Well cared rubber boots will serve you for a long time. Wash the boots every now and then with lukewarm soapy water and a sponge. Avoid using a hard brush or solvent detergents. Dry the boots at room temperature, never in a airing cupboard or a boiler room.

It’s worth conditioning the rubber surface of the boots with Nokian Footwear’s rubber conditioner. The conditioner will restore the original shine of the rubber and preserve its elasticity.

Where should I store my rubber boots?

Boots should be stored vertically at room temperature or cooler. Light and heat will damage the rubber surface. So don’t store your boots in direct sunlight or in a hot room. On the other hand, keeping your boots in an outdoor store or over winter at a cabin will not damage them.

What’s the history of rubber?

The natives of South America already knew about rubber thousands of years ago. They were aware of a wonder tree from which milk-white resin began to flow when a gash was cut in its side. These ‘tears’ of the tree were considered to be expressions of the feelings of the gods.

One day the natives learned to dip their footwear in the milky liquid. The first examples of rubber footwear were created. In the 16th century, European invaders penetrated the interior of the American continent and noticed that some Indians possessed this extraordinary material that made footwear waterproof. The news quickly spread back to the courts of Europe.

The original rubber footwear was sticky and sensitive to changes in temperature. It took the vulcanisation technique developed by Charles Goodyear in 1839 to allow the present-day utilisation of rubber and the explosive growth in production of rubber goods.

Every now and then, particularly in the war years, there have been shortages of the natural rubber needed by the rubber industry. To complement natural rubber, synthetic rubbers and ways of utilising scrap rubber have been developed. In Finland, research was even conducted into the possibility of cultivating the dandelion plant as a raw material for domestic rubber.

Are Nokian Footwear boots made from natural rubber?

The most important raw material of our boots is natural rubber made from the latex of the rubber tree. Genuine natural rubber is a renewable natural resource whose excellent properties include elasticity as well as resistance to cold and abrasion.

Natural rubber is poorly resistant, however, to ozone, oil and high temperatures. That’s why softeners as well as filler, colouring, preservative and vulcanisation agents are added to the rubber compound.

In addition to natural rubber, some rubber compounds contain synthetic rubbers, which withstand abrasion, oil and chemicals better than natural rubber. Special compounds are important, particularly in occupational footwear designed for demanding conditions.

Why is the surface of my boots going grey?

At the manufacturing stage, the rubber surface of the boot is finished with lacquer and silicone. With use, however, the silicone wears away from the surface of the boot, particularly if the boots are used often or they are continually exposed to sunlight. When this happens, the surface of the boot is particularly susceptible to hardening effects of UV radiation, which causes the surface of the boot to go grey and even, at a later date, to perish.

It’s worth conditioning boots regularly with a silicone-based rubber conditioner. The conditioner will restore the rubber’s elasticity and prevent greying.

How is Berner connected with Nokian Footwear?

Berner Ltd purchased Nokian Footwear Ltd’s business operations in 2005, thus ensuring that Nokian Footwear’s valuable heritage is preserved also for future generations.

Established in 1883, Berner Ltd is a Finnish family business that has considerable experience of the long-term building of domestic brands. Berner Ltd is known as a reliable and successful diversified company that takes care of its employees. Berner’s other brands are LV and Herbina cosmetics, Korrek car care products and Karhu ball-game equipment.

Where can I buy Nokian Footwear?

Please contact your local importer or dealer (see Contact) for more information on how to buy Nokian Footwear. Alternatively you can contact sport(at)